Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

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Waldo Castro (Chile)

The holidays always have an end, and I assure you that it was a happy ending, we were very, very happy with our trip to Peru, and we do not doubt that your support has been crucial, not having to worry about anything and everything ran like clockwork. I assure you were very well attended, we always find the best position to cooperate to make pleasant our stay in Peru.


You have in us some promoters of tourism in Peru and some promoters Union Tours. Today at a meeting with my colleagues, and asked me details of the visit and spoke very well of your organization. We have loved to know what we met in Lima, very warm and friendly people, a thriving city, a meal of excellence, well-deserved international fame having your food. Cusco, to say, really interesting, a city of contrasts where history is felt in the breath. Machu Picchu, AWESOME, deserved consideration as one of the modern wonders. Union Tours, a very good experience, have everything very coordinated, very friendly staff and great professionalism worried about the smallest details, meeting schedules.

With love and affection,

Waldo and Eliana