Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

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Aranwa's Enchanted Village in Colca

Nuzzled in between the crevasses of the Colca Canyon, lies a unique place, where visitors can enjoy the wondrous beauty of the surrounding valley in a secluded, eco friendly setting.

This getaway in Colca Canyon is worth the trek.

Aranwa’s Pueblito Colca Encantado (The Enchanted Village) offers visitors a unique experience to enjoy this already magical landscape. As the name suggests, the hotel has a small town feel to it, providing guests with all amenities to make for an ideal stay. Preaching the theme 'œharmony with nature,' Aranwa’s Pueblito Colca Encantado tries to minimize its impact on the environment as much as possible. The hotel is now 20% self'sustained by using biodegradable products, cultivating their own fresh produce, and even implementing solar panels to heat up their trucha (trout)fishing pond.
Aside from the delicious food, guests can be entertained in the kitchen by participating in the very popular pisco sour making classes, held twice a day. Beautiful flowers sprinkle the hillside around the hotel. You can almost taste the clean air as you walk through the shiny green meadows. It's an ideal destination to relax, unplug from the world, and plunge into nature.

The surrounding areas provide adventurers endless paths and treks to explore. Some of the sites visitors can enjoy are the Coporaque tombs, cave paintings, the ruins of Uyo Uyo and the landscapes surrounding Cancota, a beautiful turquoise lake at the foot of the canyon. Visitors can't leave without the opportunity to watch Condors in their natural habitat as they glide near the cliffs' edge in the early morning hours.

Its unique location in one of Peru's most breathtaking landscapes offers visitors the opportunity to be submerged by all nature has to offer: its enchanting sights, colors and sounds. From relaxing by the pool, enjoying the traditional food, to exploring the endless paths of the valley, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For information regarding Aranwa’s Pueblito Colca Encantado, visit their webpage.