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Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

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 Caral , The Oldest Civilization of America tour tour package vacation travel vistit peru south america

Caral, The Civilización más Antigua de América

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The pyramids of Caral are the most ancient found up to the date in the Andes: 5000 years ago (3000 B.C. approximately). To construct structures of this type they needed of a high grade of technology and social organization. This place occupies an area of about 65 hectares. The valley of Supe is a narrow fertile gorge that in this one place has a maximum breadth of 1.5 kilometers and a big number of other places lodges along his trip with pyramids contemporaries with Caral such as, Lurinhuasi, Allpacoto, Roughly, Chupacigarro, between others.


In the morning at 08:00hrs approx. Pick-up from your hotel to begin the excursion of Caral. Journey time, approximately 2:30 hours until the Kilometer 184, before reaching the village of Supe. Continuing the excursion taking a detour on a dirty road driving along the left bank of the Supe river. Upon arrival in Caral, you will start a walking tour with the local guide., passing by the zone known as Sacred Fire, a little temple in which fireplace where found remains of coal, bones, seeds and quartz. Then you will see one of the most outstanding buildings of Caral known as the amphitheater, where lies a circular plaza with ceremonial features, where archaeologist believes the men of Caral carried out religious ceremonies. Continuing the visit you will pass by the Greater Pyramid, a strikingly large building located in a dominating position within the urban plan of Caral. At the site was found the corpse of a young man who was probably sacrificed in honor to local gods. From one side of the pyramid you will be able to make out the green Valley of Caral that lies just behind the pyramid. Following the tour, you will reach the pyramid called Huanca, a small building overlooking a mysterious monolith. Archaeologists believe that this monolith was used for astronomical and ceremonial purposes. Afterwards you will leave the ruins of Caral and will drive to Huacho city, where you will have lunch at a local tourist restaurant. Finally return to Lima, and transfer to your hotel; arriving around 17:00hrs.

Meals: Lunch.