Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

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Why travel to Lima?

Like its inhabitants, Lima, the city of kings, is a rare and exciting mix of nationalities, styles and forms. While other major cities in the Americas and around the world strive for modernity, the urban landscape of Lima maintains the age-old texture of its rich tradition.

The original city center, the old quarter of the city originally mapped out by Spanish Conqueror Francisco Pizarro - called el damero de Pizarro due to the classic geometric form found in other old Spanish colonial cities- is today a UNESCO Mankind Heritage Site. The streets of Lima have preserved the venerable beauty of the city's original colonial architecture, and a tour through old Lima is a chance to delve into more than four centuries of living history, peeking through the doorways of gracious manors and striding through sunlit patios and Baroque balconies.

Lima, Peru's sprawling megacapital is actually a mosaic of many smaller cities. Comprising 49 districts with nearly 9 million inhabitants, Lima is a study in contrasts, with ultramodern seaside neighborhoods butting up against gritty shantytowns that cling to barren hillsides. 

Lima is also known as the "Garden City" and is home to one of world's largest fountain parks.

A Peru travel adventure is incomplete without a tour of Lima, the fourth largest city in South America, home to a third of Peru’s population, and the hub of culture, politics, and society in this amazing country. Districts such as Lima Centro, Miraflores, and Barranco have distinctive characteristics and flavors, and they each bear the influence of longtime residents as well as newer arrivals, whether internal migrants from Peru or immigrants from abroad. Lima’s city streets buzz with energy, seaside walkways invite leisurely strolls, and terraces with views to the Pacific Ocean are ideal perches from which to enjoy a Pisco sour just as the sun is setting. Travel to Lima to enjoy of its many and diverse offerings. Foodies will delight in Peruvian cuisine, regarded as among the world’s best.

Lima serves as the gateway for travel to Perú. From this hub, you can easily move north to the pre-Inca archaeological sites around Trujillo or journey to the heart of the Inca Empire in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Puno. Or adventure travel to the Amazon jungle of Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado.

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