Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

Travel Agency Peru Machu Picchu Tour Vacation Packages

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Playas del Norte

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Tumbes is perfect for water sports or simply relax stage. The white sands of Punta Sal, the serene tranquility of the Grau and La Cruz, Playa Zorritos cove Hatchery Puerto Pizarro Tumbes crocodile and the famous black scallops ceviche are part of the identity of a people who live near the sea.
It also has a beautiful coastline composed of various ecosystems such as mangrove swamps, the tropical forest of the Pacific (Tumbes National Reserve) and the equatorial dry forest (Cerros de Amotape National Park).

Piura has streets lit by the Standing northern sun Peru and is considered the land of eternal summer.
Tourism in the city based on its resorts and beaches are favorite surfers: Mancora, Colan, organs, Vichayito, Cabo Blanco ( famous for hosting the writer Ernest Hemingway) and Lobitos. In this region we can find colonial churches and artisan villages as Chulucanas and Catacaos. Also, you can find miraculous lakes such as Huaringas. Piura is located in the largest arid territory of Peru, the Sechura desert. Between its celebrations are the feast of the Lord Captive of Ayabaca and Easter Catacaos, characterized by deep religious devotion.
Its cuisine is wide and varied.

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Tumbes and Piura
Northern Peru offers options to craft collectors, lovers of sun, sand and sea, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers interested in the study of medicinal plants and shamanism.
It also allows us to enjoy a wide variety of . outdoor recreational activities such as water sports, yachting and deep sea fishing, whale watching, bird watching, horseback riding, among other activities
among the most popular places are: Punta Sal in Tumbes, is privileged unaplaya of warm blue sea, excellent weather all year round, beautiful scenery and romantic sunsets with unforgettable sunsets. All this complemented with a wide range of food and drink and personalized service first. Reserved Zone Tumbes, habitat of species characteristic of the Amazon rainforest, the mountains and the coast, such as the jaguar, the Andean condor and the coastal fox. The place of 75.102 hectares, is a representative sample of the ecosystem of the Pacific tropical forest, unique in Peru, and has been included within the Biosphere Reserve of the Peruvian Northwest because it preserves areas with little human intervention. National Sanctuary mangroves , ecosystem rich in wildlife refuge for species such as the silky anteater, a hundred varieties of birds, 14 mammals, 34 of crustaceans, 24 mollusks with shells, dozens of snails and more than one hundred fish. Beaches Vichayito, Bocapán among others. Mancora, it is a seaside resort and a town in northern Peru. Is capital of the Máncora District in the province of Talara, Piura department, almost on the border with the department of Tumbes. Playa Colan (Paita) , 65 km west of Piura; sandy, calm and warm waters. The spa is characterized by wooden houses located on stone terraces and raised on piles, from whose balconies best coastal sunsets are observed.


The Amotape Hills National Park is located in the northern part of Piura and part of the southern tip of Tumbes. It is the best preserved of equatorial dry forests throughout the Pacific region example.

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Tumbes and Piura are in a coastal region in northern Peru, which is mainly characterized by its strong desert terrain with dry and hot climate.
The area of Tumbes is dry, hot and very humid. Rain is scarce throughout the year, except in the province of Admiral Villar. And Piura has an arid and warm climate, with no rain throughout the year and an average humidity.
The maximum temperature of 33 ° C 91 ° F
Low temperature of 22 ° C 72 ° F

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